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Name:Nikki Francis
Location:Terre Haute IN
Name your 5 top bands:Smile Empty Soul, Shinedown, Evanescence, Guns and Roses, AFI
Name your 3 fav songs: 45-Shinedown, My Immortal-Evanescence, Dont Cry-G&R
Do you play any instuments? if so what instument:Yes, Bass Guitar
What is your fav qoute/lyric and why? "Never Run in the Rain with your socks on" ;-) cuz hopefully it will get me into this community
What do you think of posers? I feel bad for them because they obviously dont know their place and they need to find it
What would you label yourself?Alternative
Have you been to any concerts? if so which ones:yup, seether, evanescence, breaking benjamin, afi, zepplin, and a bunch of local shows
How far would you go to get tickets to see your fav band live?i would kill for tickets. no joke.
What will you post in here IF you are accepted? some info on some local bands here that may get it big and prolly some stuff about bands that arent mainstream...they need our love too
Whats your fav store? Hot Topic kinda and Pac Sun
Fav color: Red
Why should you be accepted? Cuz im a music FREAK! music is my life and everyone who knows me knows that. My band, October Rain, is part of my life as well
Are you racist?nope
Worst fear:falling
Do you have anything in common with our interests if so, which ones? seether, afi, cheese and boys.
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