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Name: Christine
Age: 12 - and, even though it DOES seem young, I will be 13 in less than a month.
Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
Gender: Female
Name your 5 top bands: Linkin Park, Good Charlotte (yes, seriously; I like them for their music), the Offspring, Blink 182, The Rasmus
Name your 3 fav songs: "In the Shadows" by the Rasmus; "Dammit, I Changed Again" by the Offspring and "Predictable" by Good Charlotte.
Do you play any instuments? if so what instument: I am attempting to play the trombone - yes, it is mandatory. I did not have a say in it.
What is your fav qoute/lyric and why? "I've been watching, I've been waiting, in the Shadows for my time" -- that one part of the Rasmus' song means a lot to me. I can really relate to it, and I've always liked music that means something; not soon to be whore music like Jojo.
What do you think of posers? I don't label people..but, by 'posers', I think right away of people with no life who look like/dress like whores who have lost their virginity to their dog at 10. But, I digress.

I hate them.
What would you label yourself?: I never label myself..but people do label me as a "rocker" - I'd probably describe myself as that, too.
Have you been to any concerts? if so which ones: No, I never had the chance to get to any..
How far would you go to get tickets to see your fav band live? N/A
What will you post in here IF you are accepted?: Promotion banners, blinkies and icons (not the best at graphics, though I try), along with a few scans of things I think are cool.
Whats your fav store? Here in Canada, there are no good stores. There isn't even a "Target" store!
Fav color: black
Why should you be accepted? because I think I'm one of those people that can relate. It'd be an honour to be accepted with "real" people..or, in other words, people with minds.
Are you racist? Never.
Worst fear: Mm..I'd have to say when you're body is half asleep; half awake. It's called Sleep Paralyis..your eyes are open; and, you can't move. You can hear your heart beat over and over..and feel something going on you; can't move. Just can watch..

Happened to me before.
Do you have anything in common with our interests if so, which ones? I do, a lot. For example, the bands and such listed; 3 Days Grace, Incubus..just to name a few.

I am sorry for my stupidity and spelling mistakes..I try.
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